Understanding The Cost Of Dental Implants
Cost Of Dental Implants
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Understanding The Cost Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically inserted in the jaw to replace lost tooth roots. These posts can then be restored with a lifelike dental crown, bridge, or denture. The cost of dental implants depends on a wide variety of factors, including number of implants, the complexity of your case, and other specifics that are unique to each patient. Investing in the health, function, and appearance of your smile can have benefits that transcend monetary value, such as increased confidence, enhanced quality of life, and long-lasting oral health. Dr. Michael C. Fling and Dr. Cord can provide a personalized cost estimate during an in-depth consultation at his Oklahoma, OK, office.

Factors Affecting Cost

There are a variety of factors that will affect your overall treatment cost. 

Cost of dental implants

Number Of Implants

Dental implants are priced individually, and the more implant posts you need, the higher your overall treatment cost will be. A single implant can support a dental crown, two or more can support a bridge, and six or more a full denture. The All-on-4® method can secure a denture using just four posts.

Preparatory Procedures

If your jawbone density is not sufficient to support the implant, you may require bone grafting to build up the bone mass or a sinus lift to improve your chances for successful treatment. The graft is not included in your base cost for treatment and will require more appointments and time for healing, which can increase costs. 


If you feel nervous or apprehensive about any of your procedures, we offer sedation to help you relax and receive the treatment you need. However, because dental implants can be placed under only local anesthetic, the cost of sedation is additional.


Your lifelike restoration will be customized to complete your unique smile. A smaller restoration, such as a dental crown, will cost less than more extensive restorations like full dentures.

Surgeon’s Experience

While many patients may be inclined to search for the lowest treatment costs, this approach can be detrimental to your results and oral health. Less experienced doctors may offer significantly discounted services, but their lack of expertise can lead to serious complications that require more treatments and procedures in the future. Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord are highly experienced in placing dental implants and can help you achieve successful treatment with minimal risks. 

The Cost of Tooth Loss

Tooth roots play a vital role in maintaining the health, structure, and functionality of the teeth and gums. Just one missing tooth can cause surrounding teeth to shift out of place and loosen. The loss of a single tooth can also result in bone atrophy, additional missing teeth, and difficulties eating, chewing, and speaking. While traditional bridges offer replacement teeth, they do not restore the tooth root and protect your oral health. 

Dental implants can become a permanent part of your anatomy to provide lifelike support to a wide variety of restorations. As you continue chewing normally, the implants stimulate the jawbone, a process which prevents further atrophy of the bone and promotes good oral health. It is important to replace missing teeth with an implant in order to preserve jawbone volume and protect your smile for a lifetime.


Choose a Highly Skilled Dentist

Dr. Fling was a dental lab technician before he was a dentist, and so his experience in dentistry surpasses most others. He works closely with a well-respected dental lab who creates some of the most natural-looking restorations available. He can also discuss every aspect of your treatment plan cost with you, and our office staff can determine which aspects of treatment your insurance may cover. We can work with you to place the cost of dental implants within your budget for life-changing treatment.

Invest in Your Smile

If you have one or more missing teeth, do not let the cost of treatment prevent you from receiving the care you need. Contact our office online or call us at (405) 848-6743 to schedule an appointment.