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TMJ Specialist Oklahoma City, OKTemporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ disorder or TMD, can have a profound effect on your life, leading to serious jaw pain, headaches, and neck pain. Fortunately, OKC Dental Arts offer effective treatment for TMJ at our Oklahoma City practice.  As a craniofacial pain specialist, Dr. Michael Fling is able to determine if you have TMJ disorder and can provide orthopedic treatments for the condition.  With extensive training and some of the most advanced equipment in the industry, Dr. Fling is recognized as a leading TMJ Specialist in Oklahoma City.  

Most frequently, he will provide a custom-made mouth guard to gently reposition your jaw and relieve pressure on your jaw joints. This device can also reduce bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, which is a common cause of TMD. With his compassionate and comprehensive care, you could enjoy dramatic relief.

TMJ disorder mouth guard Oklahoma City

Custom mouth guards can gently realign the jaw, relieving pressure on your joints and easing symptoms. 

What Is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder causes inflammation in the muscles and ligaments around your jaw. Often, this inflammation is due to structural damage in the joints, such as a slipped disc. In other cases, an imbalanced bite or dental misalignment could put uneven pressure on the joints. Even if you do not sustain structural damage, this uneven force could dramatically inflame the soft tissues. Finally, bruxism can have similar effects on your TMJs.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

Whatever the cause and specific type of joint damage that you have sustained, TMD can cause a host of symptoms. Your particular side effects can vary, and they may be more or less pronounced, depending on the severity of your condition. Symptoms can include:

  • Facial pain: Jaw pain that may consist of a dull, throbbing, and near-constant ache. Alternatively, you may have sharp, shooting sensations especially when you bite down.
  • Widespread discomfort: You could feel discomfort that spreads to your neck, shoulders, and even upper back.
  • Headaches: You may suffer from chronic headaches that are very similar to tension headaches. However, if traditional headache remedies have not been successful, it is vital that you visit a dentist.
  • Ringing in the ears: TMD may cause ear pain and ringing in your ears since nerves run close to your jaw joints and into your ears.
  • Popping sounds: You could notice slight cracking or popping with jaw movement.
  • Difficulty opening your mouth: Similarly, you may feel a grating sensation when you move your jaw, or you may find it impossible to open or close your mouth all the way.

Outstanding Treatment for TMJ Disorder in Oklahoma City

After evaluating your symptoms and carefully examining your jaw, Dr. Fling will provide fully personalized treatment. Mouth guards are the most common and conservative solution. These devices are custom-designed from impressions of your teeth. Your mouth guard will fit over your teeth, pushing your lower jaw forward. In turn, it will relieve pressure on your joints, allowing inflammation to subside. At the same time, the device will prevent you from grinding your top and bottom teeth together.

Mouth guards fit over your teeth, pushing your lower jaw forward. In turn, these devices can relieve pressure on your joints, allowing inflammation to subside.

For more complete relief, Dr. Fling may combine other treatments with your mouth guard. For example, he may teach you certain exercises to relax the nearby muscles. He may also prescribe anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants. In some cases, you may need to make a few lifestyle changes. For instance, avoiding certain hard-to-chew foods can keep you from putting too much pressure on your joints. Improving your posture may also help since sitting with your head forward can compress your TMJs.

Sometimes, Dr. Fling may recommend dental restorations, such as crowns. These caps can build up worn teeth to even out the force along your bite. He can also replace missing teeth, and he can even coordinate dental implant surgery to provide permanent restorations.

Contact Our Oklahoma City TMJ Specialist for the Relief You Need

Contact OKC Dental Arts to learn more about TMD and how we can help. You can also speak to a member of our team at (405) 848-6743.

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