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For A Quality Dental Crown, Experience Counts

If you have a severely damaged tooth or have lost a tooth, a dental crown is often the best solution. Dr. Michael Fling and Dr. Cama Cord in Oklahoma City, OK, create custom crowns for patients, including traditional and implant-supported restorations. A crown can preserve and strengthen a weakened tooth, and if a tooth must be extracted or has been lost, an implant-supported restoration is the ideal replacement. Crowns can also be used to support traditional dental bridges. Dr. Fling has earned distinguished recognition in both state and national rankings, and is also known as an educator in the field of dentistry. You can benefit from the expert care from Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord in achieving a healthier, stronger smile.

Traditional Dental Crowns

A traditional dental crown is designed to fully encase a weakened or damaged tooth. This vital restoration can restore full strength and support for biting and chewing. Dental crowns are able to save many teeth that might otherwise need to be extracted. In some cases, a root canal is needed to clear deep infection and decay, before the treated tooth is shaped and rebuilt with a crown. These restorations are also ideal options for teeth that have become cracked, broken, or unusually worn. In some cases, crowns are used for purely cosmetic reasons, such as to conceal a misshapen or severely discolored tooth. A well-made crown is virtually indistinguishable from nearby teeth, sharing the shine and shading characteristics of natural tooth enamel. 

To place a traditional crown, Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord will need to prepare your tooth, shaping it to provide a stable base for your restoration. We will take detailed impressions of your teeth to create your custom dental crown. It typically takes about two weeks for your restoration to be ready, and we can provide a temporary one while you wait. Once your permanent is ready, Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord will ensure it fits properly and meets all of your goals before securing it in place.

Implant-Supported Restorations

To help patients who have lost teeth, Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord also provide implant-supported restorations. Attached to a dental implant, a dental crown can replace a missing tooth. This restoration is specially created to attach to an implant post that has been surgically placed in the jawbone. The titanium post fuses to the jaw to form a sturdy, permanent foundation. For implant-supported crowns, Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord can provide a temporary crown for patients to wear during the healing process, then secure the final, permanent crown in place.

Dental implants provide the most secure base for prosthetic teeth and also help preserve jaw bone density. A significant degree of bone resorption usually accompanies tooth loss, and implants have been shown to halt this process. This benefit is because implants act as an artificial root and send regenerative signals, preventing bone disintegration and shifts in other teeth.

Superior Quality Crowns

Our crowns are durable and stain resistant. Our practice uses the best available porcelain materials, including zirconia and IPS e.max®, and Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord also offer gold crowns. His recommendation will depend upon your unique needs and whether a crown will be visible or supporting a back molar. Using computerized technology, Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord design a three-dimensional blueprint for our partner lab to follow, ensuring ideal fit and color for your restoration. Our office also utilizes an in-office oven to provide highly accurate shading and coloring for our crowns, ensuring optimal aesthetics.

A master craftsman, Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord have extensive expertise with dental restorations, and provides the highest quality crowns. They take a comprehensive approach to this work, combining precision science with visual artistry. Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord work closely with their partner dental lab during the creation of your crown. A former lab technician himself, Dr. Fling is very familiar with every step of the fabrication process and can help you receive highly personalized, lasting restorations. 

Treatment Process

At your initial appointment, Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord will discuss your goals and the best options for meeting them. Together you can create a treatment plan that is personalized for your unique needs. Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord will also assess your oral health to ensure you are ready for a cosmetic procedure. It is important to start with clean, healthy teeth that are free from decay to improve the success of your treatment. 

To create your veneers, Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord will first need to prepare your teeth. We can provide an appropriate anesthetic, and each tooth is conservatively altered to prepare the surface for the veneer. We will then use advanced technology to create precise impressions to design your veneers. You can receive a temporary restoration to wear while awaiting your permanent placement.

Once your veneers are ready, you will return to our office. Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord will ensure that they match your proportions and are shaded to your exact needs. He can do custom coloring in the office to get the right, natural-looking results you desire. Dr. Fling and Dr. Cord use a layering technique to achieve the optimal translucent effect. His goal is to complement your complexion and also match any visible natural teeth. Some patients combine porcelain veneers with teeth whitening or choose a comprehensive smile makeover for the most dramatic change.

Restore Your Smile

Trust Dr. Fling, Dr. Cord and the staff to provide you with the best possible dental experience. Our comfortable office is stocked with amenities and sedation options to help ensure your comfort. Please contact us today to schedule a convenient appointment.  For your convenience, we also serve residents in and around the surrounding communities of Edmond, Yukon, Piedmont, Mustang, Nichols Hills, Warr Acres, and Moore.